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“I want to grow up to be just a normal person who has many friends, just like my Dad!”

Miriam looked for the name. It was Eddie Philip! The cute little boy with big beautiful eyes. Miriam smiled at the thought of Eddie. He was a quiet, shy boy but his eyes always spoke volumes; sometimes it felt like they wanted to speak, but would stop short. He always had a sweet little half-smile on his face. The more Miriam thought of Eddie, she realised how very extra sharing he always was! …

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The cab was speeding along, on the highway. And so was Khushi’s mind!

She smiled as she recalled the day the two of them came back from school with their report cards, and Raja had actually passed in his eighth standard final exam, after spending two years in the same class! And what a wild celebration they had!

“Khushi, Raja, let me be, you two! I’ll fall, get me down, this moment,’ screamed Sita as Raja lifted her up.

“I have passed Maa, can you believe this? I have passed this time,” Raja sang as Khushi clapped and danced with…

Can this question ever leave her mind, thought Sunaina. No one would ever wish any mother, having to face such a question!

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“Time is running out! We may not have enough time to try and save both the children! Who do you want us to try to save, first?” Came the menacing voice from under the huge mound of rubble all around. Ten-year-old Khushi and twelve-year-old Raja, the siblings, were stuck deep under the debris - the bricks, stones, cement and all that had fallen down. They could not even see each other. They were crushed so badly that they…

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I hate this feeling. Like I’m here, but I’m not. Like someone cares. But they don’t. Like I belong somewhere else, anywhere but here. I don’t think I have ever found a place where I belong.

“Aaj mein upar; aasmaan neeche!’ (Today I am on top and feel the sky below me)

Titli was singing this popular Hindi song, while doing the dusting in Naya’s room. Naya sat by the window, holding a cup of tea, and sipping it slowly. She liked her tea, hot. She had been watching Titli, their seventeen-years-old help, for a while now. Titli was methodically…

The Fury Of Alakhnanda

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‘In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences’, such true words said by Robert Green Ingersoll..

The mighty Alakhnanda flowed; as if completely oblivious to the havoc that it had created, barely a few hours ago. The dancing water, with the sunrays falling on it, sparkled like diamonds. Who could imagine that this dancing damsel had caused such horrific loss to life and property? No one could ever believe this extreme shift in moods of the river, no one that is, except the ones who had seen it!

Machhli had turned ten, that…

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We all have read the story of ‘The Wind and The Sun’, the one about who is stronger between the two of them. Well, let me narrate it in short!

Once there was an argument between Wind and the Sun, both claiming to be more powerful than the other. Their argument was going nowhere. It was then that they spotted a man walking on the road, and they agreed on a challenge to decide the winner. This man was wearing a coat, and the challenge was to remove the coat from his back. Whosoever succeeded in doing this, would be…

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“Yes, Past is dead! Buried! It will never return! But is it to be forgotten? I don’t think so! How can we forget our past? This very present of ours has been built over our past. Then why do you suggest that we forget the past?”

Ritika sat across the coffee table across Dr. Ellena, among the most well-regarded and well-known psychologists and counsellors in the country, with a barrage of questions.

Ritika had had a terrible breakdown because of losing out in her love life, and that too, for the third time. …

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How amazing it is to visualise Life as a big oak tree; with its huge branches spreading all around, encompassing and inviting one and all, to take shelter and enjoy the shade! The Tree Of Life ….

I was sitting on a bench under a big oak tree in the park. It was a huge tree that had six benches arranged under it. I have always found all the benches occupied, especially during the morning and evening hours. It was one of my favourite pastimes to sit quietly, and watch others around me.

That day was my 75th birthday. Sitting…

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“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. — Paulo Coelho

It was just not sinking in! Nothing was making sense. My mind was completely blank. I was trying hard to join the dots and make sense out of it but the dots seemed a maze and I found myself trapped in it.

My gynaecologist was speaking to my husband and me. His words, soft…

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“No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.” Brad Meltzer.

“Miss Ami, I know that our parents know the best, and are very much our well-wishers. But, tell me, do they lose all their knowledge after a certain age? And, do they then, still remain our well-wishers?”asked Kia, my seven-year-old student, with innocence and concern writ large on her face. I knew Kia since her kindergarten and was aware that she lived with her parents and grandparents.

“Miss Ami, how is it that my parents and their parents, who are my grandparents, have different views on…

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