“Happy anniversary Mamma and Papa !”Krish and Trishna threw off their blankets and with a mischievous grin on their faces , hugged Ravi and Rinki tight.

That day was Ravi and Rinki’s tenth wedding anniversary. Like every morning , they had come to wake their darlings up and were in for this wonderful surprise . The kids eagerly gave them hand made cards , with heart warming messages written on them . They kissed their parents and ran off to get ready and leave for school .

Krish and Trishna were full of excitement when they returned from school .They knew of the exciting evening ahead ,when like all other special occasions , their parent’s friends would come along with their kids and that was all that mattered to them . It was always so much fun . In no time , they were done with their school work ,waiting for the door bell to ring.

Rinki was busy the whole day .She had cooked a delicious meal for all their friends , who were expected to drop in that evening ,to wish them . “What a lovely practice all the friends followed” thought Rinki , while decorating the salad . “Every one would go to each other’s house on every occasion , be it a birthday or an anniversary . No one needed to be invited and they would all have dinner together amidst love and laughter of adults and children alike .

Soon the friends arrived , one by one, with cards , flowers and balloons .The house was filled with joy and merriment . It was almost midnight by the time dinner was done .It had been a lovely party .Much to the reluctance of the children , the parents had to leave for home .Next day meant office , school ,the usual working day . Leaving Trishna and Krish to change and go to bed , Ravi and Rinki went down to see their friends off .

It took almost half an hour for everyone to disperse . Rinki and Ravi came up , tired ,more so thinking of the mess that awaited them ,to be cleared off before they could go to bed . They did’nt mind it one bit though . After such a joyful evening with friends , this much work felt nothing . It was so much more satisfying to see the children too having a gala time . So many of them but no fights ,only shrieks of laughter ,really showed how much they enjoyed being together.

Ravi and Rinki entered their house and lo behold !They could’nt believe their eyes . The table was cleared. The room was set back to normal with the furniture and even the cushions at their proper places . In the kitchen , the left over food was neatly transferred into containers and packed inside the fridge.

While doing their daily chores , Ravi and Rinki had always included their children in little ways . The children , though small , were very much a part of the day to day running of the house .Both Trishna and Krish were always there helping in the kitchen in small ways , helping lay the table , helping to make the beds etc etc. The sight that lay in front of their eyes ,was a testimony to all that ,thought Rinki with a smile .

Trishna and Krish stood beaming there . They came forward and taking their parent’s hands said, “It’s bed time .You both must be so tired .”Their parents looked at each other with eyes filled with bewilderment and joy . These two ,8 years and 5 years olds had touched their hearts with such thoughtfulness . They took the kids into their arms and hugged them for a long time .

“ Thank you ,children , Ravi whispered to their kids.

“Good night” said Trishna and Krish and both brother and sister marched to their room . Trishna turned back and said , “Mamma Papa , we could’nt think of a good gift for you . Please help us by suggesting something you would want” .

Rinki smiled lovingly and said , “You both have given us the best gift ever , the gift of love. Your gift is matchless and we would not trade it with anything in this world. Good night children and thank you once again for such thoughtfulness” .

Ravi and Rinki tucked the children to bed and looked at each other ,wonderstruck . Their eyes were brimming with a mixture of feelings — love , understanding ,contentment and gratitude . Their children had learnt the most important lesson of life — the art of love .Their little ones had made a very wise choice in choosing the gift of love , a true gift indeed!

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