Cussing…..Being Cool!!!!!!!

“Maa, Maa!What does sexy mean?”rushed in Rahul, Pooja’s eight year old son. That was a real googly. Pooja almost cut her finger with the knife that she was using to neatly cut the lady fingers. Where did Rahul come across THIS word? What company was he keeping? She looked up to the enquiring and expectant eyes of her son, Rahul. She pushed the vegetable tray away and wiping her hands, pulled Rahul to her and hugged him, planting a kiss on his red sweaty cheek.

“Maa you haven’t answered me?”cried Rahul.

“Sexy? It means beautiful, attractive, very good looking,” Before Pooja could complete, Rahul burst out laughing.

“Really? Then how did Nakul use it for Kamala? She is no way beautiful!” Rahul still couldn’t stop laughing. Pooja put the glass of milk in Rahul’s hands and told him to narrate the whole thing. Rahul started off saying that they were all playing cricket when Kamala happened to pass by. Nakul, who was a few years older, started singing a Bollywood song, “sexy, sexy, sexy, tujhe log bole” looking grinningly at the red stain toothed Kamala. When Rahul, asked Nakul the meaning of the word that he was teasing Kamala with, he got the most humiliating reply ever, that only big boys can understand!

Pooja lovingly kissed Rahul and said, “I am so happy that you came to ask me, Rahul. Nakul gave you that answer, probably because he himself does not know the meaning. He would have overheard it somewhere and must be using it to show off that he was a big boy. It is always better to know the meaning of the words that we use . Most children do not do so and they end up using words, inappropriately. They copy blindly and this never reflects well for the person.” Pooja looked into Rahul’s eyes and said, “Tell me Rahul, how many of your friends use the word ‘Shit’? You’re smiling? Well go and ask your friends if they know the meaning of the word. Then ask them to use it’s synonym in their mother tongue. Got it now? This is what mostly happens. We seldom process our speech. In order to be ‘COOL’, we copy things blindly so that we are accepted by our friends.Come to me with any question and I promise to give you the right answer. It may happen that I may not know some answers myself, in which case, we can look it up together, right?That is how you will be assured of right answers.”

“Why do my friends not do the same then? They are always scared that, they may get scolded for asking useless questions,” countered Rahul.

“Probably, the parents forgot to tell them, assure them, that they are there to answer all their children’s questions. You can suggest this to your friends Rahul,” said Pooja, smilingly. “Also, beautiful is not just looking nice. Feeling nice, makes one look really beautiful. A happy face is always a beautiful face. It is not right on our part to give undue credit to looks alone, for one has no role in acquiring them. Now run along, I can hear Vicky calling out to you.”

Pooja got back to her vegetable tray. Dinner time was not too far away.

Author of the book “The Heart Speaks”, Medium writer since 2018, top writer in fiction, short stories. Loves writing, dance, music, children. Learner for life..

Author of the book “The Heart Speaks”, Medium writer since 2018, top writer in fiction, short stories. Loves writing, dance, music, children. Learner for life..