Thank God, we are alive …. so many are no more.

Thank God, that we can speak, move, go about the basic functions through the day …. so many, can’t.

Thank God, for being with our loved ones …. so many are all alone.

Thank God, for so many cushions of safety and comfort in life …. so many have none.

I started counting so many such blessings, as I saw the ambulance slowly make its way out of the gate of our building. Mr Seth had been in indifferent health, for a very long time. He and his wife stay together, and the wife is also visually challenged. But now Mr. Seth had suddenly developed further complications. And this, coming in the midst of the pandemic due to the corona virus, was a huge problem. He had developed some severe urinary infection and his doctor had been guiding him telephonically, but it seems things started getting worse since the previous day, and the doctor finally called him to the already overburdened hospital, for admission the following day. The ambulance had been arranged for by the doctor, but Mr. Seth had to go alone. Nobody could accompany him, and neither could his children go to the hospital to meet him or to meet the doctor.

I had seen him off in the ambulance and was feeling wretched after he left. He was in so much pain, but had to go alone to the hospital. I was thinking, how foolishly we take our relationships for granted. We project ourselves as so evolved, that we don’t really need the people around us. When we have them we play around, without caring a damn for them, but we realise their importance only when we are left alone to fend for ourselves. The face of Mrs Seth, when she came to see him off in the ambulance, refuses to leave my eyes. Such helplessness brimming in the eyes! Their grand daughter, who had come down to help them, stood there holding her hand.

My mind has been thinking about what exactly stops people to genuinely feel for each other. Isn’t caring actually an easy thing? But then, true caring requires you to be true to yourself. Otherwise it becomes a game of ‘Ego’. Being true to yourself is easy and, at the same time, difficult. It requires unconditional giving, joyfully. It opens up such beautiful vistas in life but it has to fight ‘Ego’ and ‘Fear’ all along. Only if each one of us accepts the strong interconnectivity between each one of us, in this world, can this feeling of genuine care, prosper.

With all these thoughts, I just drifted off to sleep and entered my favourite land of dreams, where I was part of a big family with so much of hustle and bustle and laughter all around, children playing in a garden, giggling and running, the birds chirping, and two pet dogs jumping all around. I woke up in the morning with a smile and lay on my bed for sometime, reliving the wonderful dream. Smiles on all faces, smiles for each other. Is this really so difficult to ask for, in real life?

Dew drops of Happiness on pretty flowers of Smile,

Have you seen anything prettier while walking mile after mile?

We all keep talking of the Pyramids of Egypt, Grand Canyon and the Nile,

But can anything beat the beauty of a warm, heart-felt Smile?

Probably our Universe got tired of seeing most of us going the wrong way. So much of unhappiness, frustration and fighting …. this is not the way the Universe is supposed to function. It really wants harmony and peace to grow, and to bloom. Plants, trees, birds, animals all want to co-exist, co-habit. We humans need to understand that, and respect our boundaries. I was just thinking that probably this was Nature’s way to give us an opportunity to learn how to live harmoniously. Since we were unable to do so, we have been forced into a lockdown in smaller units, so that we start learning to live with each other, in small numbers, lovingly. If each of the units really learn to do so, then whenever the lockdown is removed, each one of us will emerge as caring and loving human beings and the world will surely be a much more beautiful place to live in. People then will not be running after happiness and peace. They will all be living a happy and peaceful life, in the natural course.

Author of the book “The Heart Speaks”, Medium writer since 2018, top writer in fiction, short stories. Loves writing, dance, music, children. Learner for life..