Jolly And Silly

True love is always putting our loved ones, before us. Children simply learn this from their surroundings….

It was the 1st of January. Dawn was just breaking in ….it was a very cold foggy winter morning in Lucknow. Pooja jumped out of bed throwing the heavy blanket to a side. Ishaan and Ahaana were fast asleep. She went to their room and stood looking at her 12 year old son and 7 year old daughter cuddled up intheir beds. She bent down and kissed them gently and smiled; She was to go out to get her new year surprise for them. Pooja’s husband was in Mumbai on a transfer. She was to join him with the kids in a couple of months, after their academic sessions were over.

Pulling the door, Pooja took out the car and drove down to her destination. It was her cousin’s place and she was there to get two new born puppies out of the four being delivered a week back. Ishaan and Ahaana simply loved dogs and she wanted the Lhasa pups as their new year gifts. Bundled in a basket she returned home.She was filled with excitement at the thought of her children’s faces, on seeing the gift. She was right! As she took out the basket from the car, her two children in their sleeping suits stood gaping, then the cry and the expression was apt for the Visa Master Card ad that said, “Somethings are priceless.”

Pooja found herself, hugged and covered with kisses and thanks.The siblings were dancing around with such joy that was indescribable. They named the puppies; Jolly and Silly. The kids happily took over their responsibilities; Ishaan took Jolly and Ahaana chose Silly. They discussed the duties and took complete responsibilities of their wards and responsibilities they did take! There was no making faces in cleaning them up, feeding them and all the required chores, related to them. They would play with them at the backyard and it was simply adorable to watch those two tiny bundles jumping around with the two bigger ones. The kids would put their wards to bed very lovingly, everyday after the baskets being properly fenced so that they do not jump over by themselves and would tuck them in with such affectionate good nights. Their beds were near the children’s own beds so the children would wake up by the loving yelps of their pups and then the good morning hugs and kisses. Oh!Can there be any better form of love than the one expressed by a dog?Such pure love?A love that has no mis-understandings, expectations, demands, knows just to give; Ah! Why can’t man learn this Dog Love?

A month whisked by in bliss. One day Pooja got to know from her husband that the official accomodation that they were banking on, after they all shifted to Mumbai, was not happening and they would need to stay in a single room apartment for at least 6 months.This was a bolt out of the blue for all of them specially as they always had houses with lawns, backyards to stay in, so far. How would they manage with all their luggage and these two pups?Pooja kept thinking and then sat down to talk with her children about this, before their bedtime. She told them about the arrangement and asked them to give their views. Both Ishaan and Ahaana came up with their own sweet thoughts; Where would the bicycles stand? Would they have cupboards of their own? Study tables?etc. etc. None of them mentioned the pups. Pooja brought them up. Where would Jolly and Silly stay? The children were aghast? Where? Why, of course with them! Where would the pups play? Where would they run around? Slowly the meaning started sinking in and their eyes were pools of fear; Fear of uncertainity; Fear of loss! It was terrible for Pooja, to see so much of pain in her darlings’ eyes. She gently told them that how unhappy Jolly and Silly would be to stay in that one room? How confined would we make them for our pleasure?Our happiness? Would that mean loving them truly ? She voiced out her thought.

Pooja could see the pain that came with understanding, in her children’s eyes. It was breaking her heart to do so but she knew no other way of love than being truthful. She knew of the love that only could make her loved ones happy and that was what she was explaining to her little ones.

The day they were supposed to leave Lucknow arrived soon. Ishaan and Ahaana were prepared for this day They had accepted the situation and had made their choice. Jolly and Silly would go back to their mother.They would bear the pain of giving them away than to let them go through a caged, confined life. They loved Jolly and Silly much much more to do that to them.They themselves gave them away to their mother. Turning around they fell into Pooja’s arms weeping bitterly. Tears were streaming down Pooja’s eyes too. She hugged them closer, kissed them and said, “I am so proud of you. You have learnt how to love, truly.’’

This incident really taught the kids a lot.To put the feelings of our loved ones above our own, to always love to make our loved ones happy for that is the true meaning of love which always will make us happy .



Author of the book “The Heart Speaks”, Medium writer since 2018, top writer in fiction, short stories. Loves writing, dance, music, children. Learner for life..

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