Mohey- the famous motivational speaker, lay lifeless on his hotel bed. He was found dead, early morning, by the hotel staff. The world was shocked. The media, world wide, was running the news in the headlines and was busy covering the unbelievable story of his death, which was being pointed out as suicide. A paper with ‘Life is unpredictable; Beware!!’ written in Mohey’s handwriting, lay on the bed side table. This was in Paris, where he had a talk scheduled for the evening and like all his previous ones, this too was overbooked. His fans were dumbstruck and did not know how to mourn.

One fine day, some eight years back, Mohey, a renowned neurologist in New York, was in an aircraft with his wife Linnette and two sons, Kevin and Robin.Their’s was a very close knit family. Linnette was a school teacher and both husband and wife were extremely passionate about their jobs. The boys played tennis and were aiming at winning the Grand Slams. Nothing less would satisfy them. All four had very busy days , so they always planned short holidays together. Now they were returning from one such holiday in the beautiful Maldives. The craft was airborne when suddenly the grim voice of the captain announced that a serious problem had been detected in the engine and they had to make an emergency landing on water, where they will all be evacuated on the vast expanse of the blue ocean that lay below. The shocked passengers just followed the instructions given by the crew. They all had their safety jackets on and one by one, they were being pushed out of the craft. Mohey, Linnette, Kevin and Robin all four, held hands tightly together. Next was their turn. Robin was the first to be pushed out, followed by Linnette and then something happened. Kevin ducked behind Mohey and before Mohey could realize, he was flung out into the air. As Mohey was going down, he heard a loud blast. The aircraft was aflame and it’s pieces were blown up into the red, orange sky.

Every time Mohey gained some consciousness, he would scream out for Kevin. He kept having harrowing nightmares for months, reliving that moment of him being pushed out of the craft into the ocean and Kevin being blown apart with the craft. Much as he tried, Mohey was unable to get over the tragedy of having lost Kevin forever. His nightmares continued. After months of struggle, he sought professional help and slowly he started getting some control over himself. During this period he became an avid reader. He mostly read books on self help, Philosophy and Spiritualism. He had discontinued going to work. He was just working on himself. It took more than a year for Mohey to take on life again; this time in a new role as a Speaker on life lessons. It so happened, that Mohey had gone with Linnette to attend her annual school day. The class of ten children were enacting a play where the protagonist was shown to be facing severe adverse conditions in life and how he emerges as the winner. His excellent acting won everybody’s hearts and Mohey was called upon to present him the ‘Best Actor’ prize. On asking him to speak a few words, Mohey spoke from heart and went on to talk about his own learnings. His talk was so appreciated that he was called to speak in a college, to the graduating students. He could touch a chord there as well and before he could realize, he had become a motivational speaker and a very popular one at that. He could easily connect with his audience. All his talks would highlight one important common core; the need to conquer Fear. He would give examples that people could relate to, many his own. He would give suggestions on how to let go of Fear. His language was as simple as his tips. They would effortlessly, make their way to hearts and in just a few years, Mohey became hugely popular as a Motivational Speaker. He was very accessible to his fans and his talks were very interactive. He started traveling to several countries, giving talks and his fans kept growing in number.Then the terrible tragedy happened. Mohey, seemingly could not deal with his own fear any more and took his life.

Linnette stood on the stage, reading excerpts from the book, “Let Go — Mohey”. It was her first book, a biography of Mohey. She was at the book launch of her book, on her husband’s first death anniversary. She spoke about his struggle to come to terms with their son Kevin’s terrible death and how he was transformed into an orator. Just then, a lady journalist stood up with a question for her.

“Madam, your book states that the ill fated aircraft, crashed eight years ago and how your husband Mr. Mohey had a very difficult time coming out of that tragedy. Could you shed some light on how those eight years treated you? Thank you.”

Linnette stood still. Her eyes suddenly were brimming with tears. Robin, her younger son, quitely took her hand and held it tight as he came to stand by her side. Linnette took just a few moments to gather her composure. She then looked up and spoke, “ That fateful day of the air crash, we lost our dear Kevin forever. Mohey was in such a state of mind that I had to literally scream to myself, all the time saying, ‘March on, March on, March on.’I had given myself not even a single option but to keep going and help the shattered family regain it’s strength to stand. Mohey took a long time to do so but our son Robin, at such a tender age of ten, became my partner in re-shaping our family. Completely shattered as we ourselves were,we kept moving on in our respective lives, holding hands, wiping each other’s tears, with this one war cry:

‘March on, March on, March on!!’

and here we stand in front of you.”

Not a single eye in that huge auditorium was dry. Then an applause, that kept getting louder and louder, broke in. Next day, the lady journalist who had asked the question, covered the event in the papers, with a picture of Linnette, a petite figure standing on the stage, with the head lines; ‘The real Motivational Speaker? Mohey or Linnette?’