Amitabh Banerjee’s art exhibition, “The Journey Of The Soul” was a huge success.The footfalls were absolutely beyond expectation. Many well acclaimed artists had dropped by and had lovely things to speak about the exemplary work. It was almost midnight and Amitabh had just gotten done with his last interview. He was exhausted and was sipping coffee with his wife Zarna, while their ten year old daughter Mishti, was sitting on the floor, gazing at one of her favorite paintings.

Amitabh just closed his eyes and rested on the sofa for a while. He got transported to his childhood with visuals of his older brother Ajitabh and himself in their room. His brother was about five years older to him. Their father was a renowned doctor and he had set up a big nursing home, “The Med Help”. All he knew was work, patients and nursing home. His dream was seeing his elder son join his nursing home, as a doctor and take it to new heights. Ajitabh wanted to be a doctor too and he was studying medicine. Amitabh, was taken to be the casual one, who would love to draw and paint. Nirav Babu did not waste much thought on him, all his attention was on his elder son. Amitabh was very happy to be left to himself and his drawing. Nirav Babu’s driver had a son, Ankush, who too nurtured the passion of becoming a doctor. All the three boys were brilliant in their studies and Nirav Babu sponsored Ankush’s education too.

On the day of graduation from the medical college, Ajitabh with his friends were returning home. Nirav Babu was pacing up and down to welcome his doctor son. Suddenly an overloaded truck lost balance and hit Ajitabh’s car. The car tossed and fell into the deep valley along the road. The car broke into flames and all its passengers along with Nirav Babu’s dreams turned into ashes. Nirav Babu suffered a massive stroke and landed up, completely paralysed, in a room of his nursing home. He just lay there with vacant eyes.

Amitabh as well as the family was heartbroken. Though young, still Amitabh could very well understand his father’s trauma.He suddenly was transformed into a grown up. He made up his mind and prepared for the medical entrance test with full determination. He and Ankush both cracked the test and joined a medical college. Amitabh now had only one aim in life-To be a doctor! He had to be a doctor for his father’s satisfaction. In due course, both the boys passed out as doctors and joined “The Med Help.” Nirav Babu lay helplessly on his bed but there were tears streaming from his eyes when Amitabh came to take his blessings, at the time of joining the nursing home. The eyes spoke volumes and they had blessings and gratitude in them.

Amitabh got fully immersed in his work. He got married to a lovely girl Zarna, who too was a doctor by profession. Shortly they had a beautiful daughter and they named her, Mishti. One day, Nirav Babu was found dead in sleep. He was laid to rest and Amitabh felt the satisfaction that his father had died at peace. Life went on, “The Med Help”was a big name now in the field of medical help.

One day, when Amitabh , Zarna and Mishti had gone on a short holiday, Zarna brought up the unspoken topic for years. She gently asked,

“Amit, don’t you feel like painting again?”

Amitabh was taken by surprise. He sighed,

“That is of the bygones. Why do you ask now?”

“Just wanted to find out if you still love painting? You did once, no? You can try again Amit. It used to be your love,”gushed Zarna. “The Med Help” is doing great and Ankush and I can manage it fine, can’t we?”persisted Zarna.

That push was enough for Amitabh. He gathered his thoughts and sat with an easel, pencils and paints. He picked up his brush and started painting. He himself did not know how his hand moved; it seemed to flow. He sat there for hours, painting. That was the beginning of a new journey that he himself had never dreamt of embarking upon. There was no looking back and he then realised how much he loved to bring colors live on canvas. They did come alive and in myriad forms and shapes! And here he was, exhibiting his art forms and being hugely appreciated.

“Baba, tell me when you love to paint so much, why did you become a doctor? Should we not do things that we love?” Mishti snuggled next to Amitabh, looking up with her huge eyes.

“Mishti, I became a doctor because I wanted to make my helpless and distraught father happy. Beta, how can I be happy if my loved one is unhappy?No passion is at the cost of just everything. Also, what I chose to do, that is practising medicine, is something that I did enjoy. Yes, it’s true, being a doctor was never my ambition. I always thought I’ll be an artist but when the situation demanded, I chose to become a doctor. Since the choice was a willing one, I really enjoyed it and did well too. Life is all about adaptations. It is always wise to love what ever we do. I have no regrets and now how fortunate I feel to be pursuing art!Got it my little one?” Amitabh hugged Mishti. “ When we make conscious choices sweetie, then we stand by them happily,” added Zarna as she switched on the television. Amitabh was speaking to the media there!They looked at each other lovingly and smiled.