Rumi felt completely exhausted. That day was the final day of her college festival. The second half of the day had debates, discussions and talks on many relevant and interesting topics. Actually it turned out to be quite an intense half. All the speakers were very good and they had excellent panelists. Specially the topic, “The much talked yet less understood- The Millennials,”had the maximum audience and was exceptionally thought provoking.

Rumi got thinking about an article on ‘Millennials’ that she had read the previous day. Among other things, the article pointed out the fact that how the previous gen parents, in the name of love, had erred in a very subtle way. On tasting the fruits of success after a multi dimensional struggle to break through the contemporary norms, they overloaded their children with love. They heaped upon them the fruits that they themselves were deprived of and in the process, the millennials opened their eyes into this world with a silver spoon into their mouth. In the name of love, they were kept ignorant about the significance of ‘Dignity Of Labour’. She tried to understand the confusion in many young minds of today. Was it the lack of learning to give? Or was it to be revolved only around self, in terms of considering one to be deserving the best, without checking if efforts too back so?No one had pointed out the need to balance give and take, rights and responsibilities, caution and dare. Though such go- getters in their fields, their hearts were filled with fear in their personal space? Also, did they have a tendency to rebel for the sake to rebel? Did they confuse rebelling with assertiveness? Was there any need to keep re- inventing wheels all the time or bettering the wheels or their usage a better idea?

Rumi started thinking about her own self, her friends. Her mind went back again, to the article that said, cocooned in self, this Gen, though connected to the world through technology, failed to find a connect, with their own selves. Not being too comfortable with real social skills, their segment of relationships, mostly, went for a toss. Each relationship is a connect between two people and the so called millennials, facing such deep identity crisis, find it extremely difficult to take any step of commitment.

Rumi herself did not know, when she had fallen fast asleep. Various conversations started popping up here and there. Hia, emphasizing upon the need of the girl power, Mithi firmly absolving the existence of a joint family, Nononika standing up against the institution of marriage, Riyaan throwing his hands up in understanding women, for and against moral policing etc etc… the list was endless. Suddenly, visuals of her house filled with people, special occasions made even special by friends, relatives with their presence, participation, togetherness, the feeling of being connected and cared for by so many, was so overwhelming that Rumi woke up.

She lay there wide awake for a long time. From a scenario, where the scales were heavily tilted towards the men power, bringing in different levels of exploitation of women, the justifiable struggle against this, unfortunately aimed at again a tilt; this time towards the women. Aiming for a balance between the two genders, would have been equality. This tug of war, though has brought in some power to the aggrieved side, by and large, has led to chaos in many areas, specially in the personal space. She realised that there were many options in life that one could opt for. Every option has a trade off. The prudent would choose their options, mindfully and that would make all the difference.

The door bell rang. It would be her friends. They all would visit a home for the aged, for two hours in the morning before college, twice a week. They all would help the people staying there, by reading to them, helping them with some sewing, writing letters for them, making cards that they sent to their loved ones and many such small odds and ends. These two hours gave immense happiness to each one of them. Every time, Rumi and her friends would carry some food cooked by themselves for their aged friends, that would be gobbled up in no time.

She had made sandwiches today. She quickly packed them and ran out to join her friends; “The Millennials”?

She had a confidant, beautiful smile on her face. Life was beautiful, indeed.

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